Sunday, January 02, 2005

Web Site and Calendar Now Available

Spring 05 Classes

I would like to announce the launching of my new website No Free Lunch for the class. This replaces previous sites which have outlived their usefulness. In the next few days I expect to have an XML feed to the website to display each day's blog entry directly on the web site.

In addition to the website I also have an on-line calendar with date information relating to my classes. Students will now be able to check this calendar for class dates, assignment due dates, optional meeting dates for the Telecourse students.

These two new tools, along with this blog, are additional resources to enhance the four courses that I am scheduled to teach this semester. All three are a work in progress and will be updated with new information regularly.

Bookmark these three sites now and check them regularly to get 24/7 answers to many of your questions.


No Free Lunch Web Site


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