Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Syllabus Quiz - FREE Points for YOU!

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Economics 201

Syllabus Quiz
January 31, 2005

Refer to your Syllabus for the answers. You will receive 2 points (for a total of 10 bonus points) for each correct answer. COMPLETED TEST MUST BE RECEIVED BY INSTRUCTOR NO LATER THAN 8:00 P.M. ON MONDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2005 IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE BONUS CREDIT.

1 The minimum number of points needed to get an 'A' for this course is:

a. 895
b. 750
c. 100
d. 920

2 How much of the course work must you complete before you can request and receive an Incomplete (I) grade for the course.

a. 10%
b. ¾
c. ½
d. 100%

3 Exams numbered 3 and 6 are:

a. Multiple Choice only.
b. Are available on the course blog.
c. Are the Mid-Term and Final and, as such are closed book.
d. Are take home exams.

4 The course blog can be found at:

a. from a link at

5 What is the last day a student can withdraw from the class without instructor permission?

a. February 5, 2005
b. April 6, 2005
c. May 16, 2005
d. March 2, 2005

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