Monday, September 07, 2009

Google Docs - A Free and Versitile Office Suite Program

With the start of another school year and the growing role that computers play in education with both teachers and students finding computers indispensible, I have published a new article on HubPages explaining how Google Docs can be a great tool for school work.

Both teachers and students can benefit from not having to carry laptop computers, thumb drives or other media, including paper, around with them. Best of all, accounts with Google Docs and other online office software services that I mention in the article are free for individual users.

The article starts below and you can continue on and read the entire thing by clicking the link at the end of the text below.

Cloud computing is a new trend in computing which being embraced by both businesses and individuals. Cloud Computing refers to accessing application programs, such as word processing, spreadsheets, etc., on the Internet and the creating, storing and editing of files on the Internet.

Essentially, cloud computing utilizes third party servers on the Internet rather than your computer's hard drive for this purpose. The term cloud computing...
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