Friday, December 01, 2006

Index of Articles for My Economics Classes


Below is a list of articles, by others and me, which students may find helpful while taking my Economics 200, 201 and 202 courses. These are NOT REQUIRED readings, but, rather, SUGGESTED readings for increased understanding. This list is not static and will be updated periodically throughout the semester as well as being updated for each new semester. Interested persons should check back regularly for updates.

Democrat vs Republican Tax Cuts - both parties use tax cuts but the theories and objectives behind each party's tax cutting strategies are different.

How a Progressive Income Tax Works - An explanation about how a progressive income tax (i.e., an income tax that tax different levels of a persons income at ever higher rates.

How Tax Cuts Work
Political Rent Seeking

Price Discrimination2/22/06

Voluntary Transactions in a Free Market 3/3/06

Why Do Prices of Bonds Fluctuate?

How Banks Create Money Explanation as to how the banking system increases the supply of money (creates money) through its operations.