Monday, October 25, 2010

Wading Into Publishing

Publishing is one of those industries that increases in size, and opportunity, with the introduction of every new innovation.

Stone age cavemen used the walls of their caves to record, with pictures, the stories of their exploits.  This was good but limited by the number of caves available and blank wall space on their caves.

The Babylonians developed both an alphabet and new medium, soft clay, for recording their stories.  Not only were the clay tablets transportable but with clay being less expensive and more readily available than caves there was more opportunity for writers as the medium was less expensive and in greater supply which made the output more affordable for consumers thereby increasing demand for content.

The invention of paper broadened the market even further increasing both demand and supply for content.  And some of the content  from the ancient world has continued to sell down to the present - think of the Judeo-Christian Bible, the writings of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, the Odyssey of Homer, etc.

With the Gutenberg's invention of movable type the cost of books was reduced further which, again, increased opportunities for writers - a profession whose ranks grew exponentially.

Then came the Internet.  The cost of adding content dropped to near zero which made entry into the market affordable for everyone.  The cost of access to content by consumers also dropped drastically with the result that demand for content is going through the roof.

The Internet Has Opened the Doors for Many Aspiring Writers

A good example of this is in which its huge number of writers have published a total of 1 million Hubs (articles) in the little over four years of its existence.  And much of this is very good content as seen by the three and four figure monthly incomes many of the writers are earning with their part-time writing.   Just take a look at their new Success Stories page. 

Not to brag, but my story is one of those that appear on the Success Stories page and I can personally attest that I have done well both financially and professionally with HubPages.  Because of this success, my son and I have decided to expand our publishing efforts by joining the publishing site and moving into writing books along with our HubPage writing.

Our first foray into publishing is our just released 2011 calendar titled Chika's Dog  Trivia for 2011.  While we have more ambitious book plans, this was a relatively simple project we have been considering for some time and figured it would be a good way to get some hands on practice using the tools on the Lulu site. 

We have now completed the project and have set up our store on the site where it is displayed for sale.

  Calendar Cover

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