Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Books for My Courses

Here are the books that are required for each of the Economics classes that I am teaching this semester. The book for the Community Campus Economics 200 Telecourse is available at the West Campus Bookstore and the books for the Economics 201 and 202 being taught at the Northeast Learning Center are available at the East Campus Bookstore.

The bookstores are stocking both the textbook for each course as well as various workbooks and study guides provided by the publisher. I am only requiring that students purchase the TEXTBOOK. Study guides and workbooks are OPTIONAL.

Economics 200 Telecourse (Community Campus - CRN 28101)
Economics U$A (7th Edition) by Mansfield and Behravesh, W.W. Norton & Co., ISBN 0-393-92605-2. This book is available at the West Campus Bookstore.

Economics 201 (Northeast Learning Center - CRN 26575)
Microeconomics (7th Edition) by Roger A. Arnold. ISBN 0-324-23670-0. This Book is available at the East Campus Bookstore for $103 new - used copies may also be available.

Economics 202 (Northeast Learning Center - CRN 26576)
Macroeconomics (7th Edition) by Roger A. Arnold. ISBN 0-324-23667-0. This Book is available at the East Campus Bookstore for $106 new - used copies may also be available.

NOTE FOR Economics 201 and 202 ONLY:
Both of these textbooks are paperback. On the same shelf is a larger, hardcover book titled Economics (7th Edition) by Roger A. Arnold. ISBN 0-324-23662-x which sells for $141.50. This is for an Economics 200 course and contains the same content as the Economics 201 and 202 course texts. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BOOK UNLESS YOU INTEND TO TAKE BOTH ECONOMICS 201 AND 202. If you are taking BOTH ECN 201 AND ECN 202 it is a good deal as the price is about $50 less than purchasing the texts for both courses. BUT if you are only taking one of the courses you will end up paying more and only using half of the book. E-mail me at nugentwork@yahoo.com if you have any questions on this.

These and other textbooks can be obtained by visiting the appropriate campus bookstore OR you can go online to https://www.efollett.com/
where you can order and pay for your books on line AND have them sent to ANY Pima Community College Campus Bookstore for pick up by you. If you are taking classes from more than one campus this could save you some trips to various bookstores - simply go to this site, enter the CRN for each class, select the books, pay then go and pick up.

You can also go online to Amazon.Com, eBay's Half.com or any one of hundreds of other online textbook sites and purchase the books, new or used, at a substantial discount from what the colleg bookstore is charging. I buy and sell my daughter's textbooks from half.com and end up paying about 1/3 what she would have to pay at the bookstore and then reduce this further by re-selling them at half.com at the end of the semester.


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